Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park is far from finished. Much more needs to be done before this remarkable park in the sky realizes its full potential. We have identified several key projects that, when finished, will vastly enhance the Walkway by improving visitor comfort, creating new and improved access points, and building compelling new places where visitors can gather and learn. These key projects are summarized below:
Walkway Welcome Center & Pavilion—This dynamic building located at the Walkway's eastern entrance will serve as the primary point of entry for our prestigious park. Preliminary designs are still being developed in collaboration with the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation, with single floor and two-story concepts under discussion. As currently envisioned, the Welcome Center would house offices for both the Walkway organization and NYS Parks, along with a gift shop, cultural display and educational space. The building will be surrounded by an attractively landscaped and uniquely paved plaza. This will be the Walkway's signature land location, designed to be a comfortable place for gathering and a memorable place from which to depart.

Western Entrance Improvements—The Walkway Friends hope to upgrade the park's western entranceway, providing more inviting amenities and landscaping that takes advantage of that area's pleasant rural surroundings. We envision a new paved pathway that allows pedestrians to circumvent the small parking lot that currently serves as the main western entrance along with terraced, earthen "amphitheater" seating under the trees. Also more attractive pavers, landscaping, an outdoor children's play area and plantings would dramatically enhance the visitor experience at this key Ulster County point of entry.

Virtual Tour of the Walkway—The Walkway organization is collaborating with the Children's Media Project (CMP) of Poughkeepsie and IBM to develop an exciting new "virtual tour" of the Walkway. Visitors will be able to download an "app" to their smart phones that interacts with signals at several stations placed along the bridge to activate exciting, educational, and entertaining virtual imagery.

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